I got a chance to chat with DROWNERS before their gig and we had a right laugh (mostly). Catch our full, uncut chat where the guys talked about meeting, (not) modeling, and most importantly, their music.

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I’m not entirely sure what “Dorp” means, but this song premiered on BBC Radio 1 today and it’s damn catchy. Seeing that I’m in New York for the summer, in need of new (good) music, and a huge fan of Vampire Weekend, I was happy to find this track today. In traditional Vampire Weekend-esque tunes, I can’t decipher everything Ezra sings in this song, but over SBTRKT’s well produced beats, I can’t…

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Bastille released the new music video for “Oblivion,” a song off their debut “Bad Blood” this week. This video seems to tell a continuing tale of death and mystery as told by the  “Bad Blood” and “Flaws” mini films.

“Oblivion” features allusions to the previous videos and stars Sophie Turner (the one and only Sansa Stark of “Game of Thrones” fame) who happens to sport the same varsity jacket lead singer Dan Smith wears in “Flaws” and “Bad Blood.”

Given the context of the story told by the music videos and the song’s lyrics, perhaps Sophie plays a character that mourns the death of Smith and the fact that she cannot physically follow him to where he’s gone. But that’s just my two cents. What do you think the video means?

If you haven’t heard already, BANKS is the “most-blogged” about artist so far in 2014 (according to HypeMachine and BBC Radio 6), and she is 100% deserving of the hype. From “Brain” to “Goddess,” all of the tracks she has teased thus far lead listeners to believe that her fall debut LP will be one of the best albums of the year.

"Beggin For Thread" is the latest track off her record and presents a more playful, lighter side to BANKS. Give it a listen.


After touring with bands like The 1975 and playing festivals all across America, Bad Suns released their album “Language and Perspective.” With hints of California cool and relaxed melodies, the album is a great summer listen for anyone who is looking for new music. I had a chance to catch up with the Los Angeles natives at Hangout Festival in Alabama, where the band was one of the acts hand picked to play the Red Bull Sound Stage.

Despite the backstage raucous (and yodeling), lead singer Christo Bowman and the rest of the gang were great sports and gave me thoughtful insights into tour life and how “Language and Perspective” came into being.

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It’s safe to say that I am ecstatic for the BROODS’ debut album, “Evergreen.” From the moment I heard Georgia’s voice floating above Caleb’s synths, I had a feeling that credible pop music is making a comeback.

This track, titled “L.A.F” (an acronym for “Loose As Fuck”) is the New Zealander’s latest song. If their album (produced by Lorde’s producer Joel Little) features tracks as infectious and…

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With a Springsteen edge throughout their entire album, the War On Drugs is one of my current favorites acts. My favorite song of theirs is also their most popular song; "Red Eyes" sounds like a beautiful, hazy, summer dream.

Come and ride away
It’s easier to stick to the earth
Surrounded by the night
Surrounded by the night
And you don’t go home
But you abuse my faith
Losing every time but I don’t know where
You’re on my side again
So ride the key wherever it goes
I’ll be the one, I can’t

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One of my favorites off of Magic Man’s debut album, “Before The Waves.” Be sure to check out our interview with the band!

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I had the chance to sit down with the band and talk music, dream festival line ups, and YMCAs at Boston Calling. The band is releasing their awesome debut album "Before The Waves" today, so make sure you show them some love and grab a copy because it is absolutely fantastic.

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Interview with Magic Man…TOMORROW!

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Interview with Magic Man…TOMORROW!